Hippa 1996

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Angel Varno


Kimberly Parker


HIPPA (1996):
HIPPA is a privacy law for keeping personal information and health records secure. Everyone deserves privacy when it comes to their personal well being. HIPPA was enacted through the state. This was enacted on August 21, 1996 and became public law 104-191; sections 261 through 264 of HIPPA required the Secretary of HHS to publicize standards for electronic exchange, privacy and security of health information. Legislation proposed a rule and released it for public comment on November 3, 1999, final regulation published December 28, 2000. In March 2002, Department proposed and released for public modifications so final form on August 14, 2002. The privacy rule protects all individually identifiable health information held or transmitted by covered entity or its business associate in any form or media whether electronic, paper, or oral. There are two general principles for uses and disclosures: Basic- major purpose is to define and limit the circumstances in which an individual’s protected health information may be used or disclosed by covered entities. A covered entity may not use or disclose protected health information except either: 1) as privacy rule permits or requires; 2) as individual who is the subject of the information (or individual’s personal representative) authorizes in writing. Required- a covered entity must disclose protected health information in only two situations; a) to individuals ( or their personal representatives) specifically when requested access to, or an accounting of disclosures of, their protected health information; and b) to HHS when it is undertaking a compliance investigation or review or enforcement action. There is training for workforce and management. This would include...
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