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Assignment Booklet 3B
Career And Life Management: Module 3
Section 2 Assignment Booklet 3B

This Assignment Booklet is worth 100 marks out of a total of 200 marks for the assignments in Module 3. The value of each question is stated by each question

Read all parts of your assignment carefully and record your answers in the appropriate places. When completing assignments electronically, make sure all your answers are in BLUE FONT, to help the marker identify your responses. If you have difficulty with an assignment, go back to your Student Module Booklet and review the appropriate lesson. Be sure to proofread your answers carefully before submitting your Assignment Booklet.

You can use a computer and word-processing program for many of these assignments. If you use a computer, be sure to attach a printed copy that has been proofread and is readable. Include your name, course name and assignment number on each page.

Section 3 Assignment: Planning your Career

In this section, you set short and long-term goals and developed action plans to bring those goals into reality. You considered internships and volunteering as ways of developing employment skills. You learned about the concept of entrepreneurship and you looked at whether becoming an entrepreneur would fit with the lifestyle you want.

1. In the space provided below, describe some of your non-career goals. In writing your description, consider the following questions: /6

• What are your personal goals? (What type of person are you working on
• What are your relationship goals?
• Do you have some spiritual goals?
• How have these goals changed as you have moved into young adulthood?


Assessment Criteria for Question 1

• The description is thoughful and clear.
• Non-career goals have been clearly identified.
• The student has made a sincere effort to assess how his or her goals have changed as he or she has moved into young adulthood. 6 marks

When you have completed question 1, continue where you left off on page 80 of the Student Module Booklet.

2. Your task for this assignment is to set some career goals for the occupation you earlier selected and researched. Provide two main goals and four sub-goals.

a.State your career goals as clearly and specifically as possible. Consider what career you want and what you want to achieve in that career. /8

• Goal 1:


• Goal 2:


b.List the sub-goals (steps) you will have to complete to achieve your career goals.

• Sub-goal 1:


• Sub-goal 2:


• Sub-goal 3:


• Sub-goal 4:


When you have completed question 2, continue where you left off on page 86 of the Student Module Booklet.

3. Develop action plans to achieve the goals identified in question 2. Consider these questions as you develop your action plans: /12

• What major actions do I need to take to achieve the goal?
• What are the detailed...
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