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Interviewed Feb 2011 in Cambridge, MA (took 1 week)
Overall it was a great experience to interview with Monitor Group. People were very nice, polite, and very relaxed, to the point where sometimes it felt like an informal conversation. Monitor really will test how good you can take feedback, and if you can improve upon the feedback received from first round.

FIRST ROUND. 1 hour long. It starts with 15 minutes of going through 2-3 pages of text, and about 5-6 slides in a laminated booklet, and attempt to answer 3-4 questions. After the 15 min are up the interviewer comes in and asks you to walk him/her through your answers to the questions. After the initial 15 minutes I had just finished reading the booklet and started answering the first question, so I got kinda nervous since I did not have good answers to the other questions. First questions is quant, and the other ones are qual. Try to STRUCTURE your approach to every question and be open about the information you are missing and what you would need to answer the question, then the interviewer can help you answer them. The name of the game here is "LET"S SEE HOW YOU THINK (how structured you are), AND WALK ME THROUGH YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS (communication skills, clear, concise). Last 15-20 min of fit/behavioral interview.

After a few days I was contacted for a final interview at their HQ.

FINAL ROUND. Group presentation. About 3 hours long. The name of this game is COOPERATION and TEAM WORK. Get to know the candidates before the interview starts. Give tips, be willing to receive tips. First 30 min everybody gets same laminated booklet of about 16 pages, with a a mix of text and charts (no questions yet). The next 30 minutes everybody gets 1-2 pages of a personalized section of the case, which also contains 3-4 questions that are exclusive to you. Take the time to read, understand, and prepare your presentation. Your section will probably be testing your weaknesses from the first round interview, so...
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