Topics: Family, Foster care, Fosterage Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Dear reader,
Hello the book that i am reading is pictures of hollis woods.I have chosen this book because this book is about drama and suspens and i really look forward to seeing that.I also chose this book because it is by a great author Patricia Reilly Giff,she has made one of a other book i loved called lilys crossing. The events that i have read so far are there is a girl named Hollis.Hollis has been to soo many foster homes that she doesnt remember and and doesnt really care at all.Hollis has found one home she loved but ran away from it. shes now has mermoies and pictures of her last family steven whos is the only person she cared about old manand. izzy .for now Hollis must stay with an elderly woman named josie and she very much ,likes her.the thing is Josie is slowly forgetting everthing and can no wth hold a child.Hollis tries not to make sure the foster home people do not find out.Hollis thinks that if shes ran away before she can do it another time....but,now shes planning on josie to come with her will there be toghter for ever.Hollis doesnt know if she should tell Joise abour her lost family.Hollis relized that if any one would find out about Josies problem she would be lonely again and tries to help Josie remember things one by one. As well as this story is written i still dont get that is Hollis want Josie to get help why not take to a doctor or a therapist to help her remember details about her life.I still dont get why hollis has left the home she has been missing and braging about in the story i mean would you really run away from someting so perferct.This book is very good at viusal images and telling you how the...
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