Heretics Daughter

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Main characters, Sarah and Martha Carrier are the true heretics of the story. Kathleen Kent created Sarah and Martha to have personalities that were very rare for females at the time. Females of that time generally didn’t speak their minds; much less have a different opinion of society at all. They refused to believe what everyone else in their lives believed and stood by their own what they valued in life. They were so strong towards their beliefs that it cost them their life in the end. Kathleen Kent even said herself that "Martha was called the “Queen of Hell” by Cotton Mather, Martha was unyielding in her refusal to confess and went to her death rather than join the accused men and women who did so and were spared." (Heretics Daughter, WWW). Both Sarah and Martha never believed in the process of the witchcraft and knew that they were not witches, while everyone else in the town was terrified and continuing to accuse people of being so. While having a different opinion of the situation, both Sarah and Martha always remained humble and kept their dignity all the way to their last days, which is something that shows strong character.

True heretics are surprisingly hard to find today. Sarah and her mother stood by what they believed and didn’t conform to the opinions of the people surrounding them in the village. Today, most of the people in our everyday lives live to please other individuals that they think need to be impressed. These people that fall victim losing their own beliefs are complete opposites of someone who is a heretic. Its sad to say that heretics are hard to come across today, but it is brutally true. Its difficult to find someone who would not conform to the outside opinions even when they knew their life was at stake. Also, the people that were accusing others of being a witch were the complete opposite of heretics as well. All the methods of accusation were fake and could have ben made up by just about anyone, these people are yet another...
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