Heaven Can Wait Belt Up

Topics: Soul, Life, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (1235 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Commercial analysis: Heaven can wait belt up
This report will discuss the issue commercial how to convey the idea to consumer. Introduction
Here is a car charity commercial advertisement without any world and talk through. Only utility the background music, shocking animation and a woman sang. It brought us the shocking and stunning. At last, the image fade out, then show the slogan “heaven can wait belt up”. As the following we will talk about the commercial advertisement. Here is one of places in the world, and everything is just like normal. For a while, the clash burst out, and tree is shaking. Furthermore, we saw a car bump into a tree strongly. There are three persons on the car. All of them are unconscious. Few seconds later, their soul was department from their own body. The three people, only one of them belt, and others doesn’t. Because of the driver didn’t belt, their souls went up to heaven, so as the backside passage. But the front passenger had belt, his soul was struggle for the belt. But the belt restricted him to get rid of. At last, the belt rescues the front passenger. After that, the screen show the slogan, ”HEAVEN CAN WAIT BELT UP” and fade out. This charity alarm us should seat belt when we drive, no matter you are driver or passenger. Belt can keep u safe, even heaven can wait belt up. Next, we will discuss the characteristic, animation and music. Characteristic

There are only three persons in the video, the driver, front passenger, and back passenger. Besides, here are car, tree, soul and music. The animation of soul showed us a strongly visual effect. Moreover, with the music, we can feel from peace to shock. In the whole advertising, there is without any words in the video. Music

All of the advertisement without any word and talk through. There are only the music and the image in the advertisement. But it strongly remained us we should belt when we drive no matter we are driver or passenger. So the music here is important and...
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