Heat by Mike Lupica

Topics: Baseball, History of baseball in the United States, Strikeout Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: September 1, 2012
HEAT By Mike Lupica

Hi, my name is ...........and I am here to tell you about a fantastic book named heat by Mike Lupica. This book is great for any student, teacher, anyone who plays baseball and more. This book is about a kid named Michael who stops a robber named ramon by throwing a baseball at the back of his head when he runs across the baseball field Michael was playing on. The cop that handcuffed Ramon is telling Michael what a good arm he has and should find a baseball team to play for. He finds a little lead team called the Clippers that his friend Manny plays for. Him and many were practicing baseball when this girl showed up when Michael looked at her she ran away. Michael has his first baseball game he only pitched one inning he struck out everyone he pitched to and they win. A few days later Michael, Michael’s brother Carlos, Michael’s dad, and Mrs. C who is a neighbor in there apartment building are talking and watching the TV but out of no where Michael’s dad has a heart attack and he dies. The next day Manny and Michael are practicing and again the girl shows up but this time she does not run away. They find out her name is Ellie Garcia they find out she is a good pitcher to. The cop that handcuffed Ramon’s friend wants to honor Michael for stopping ramon and wants to take picture with him and his parents or legal guardians.
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