Healthcare Delivery Systems

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Chapter 1 - Health Care Delivery Systems

There are many interesting and important points in this chapter. Some of them include:

Pennsylvania Hospital founded by Ben Franklin was the 1st US hospital University of PA was the US first medical school
The AMA was founded in Philadelphia in 1847.
The Flexner Report was published in 1910 and impacted the status of medical school education. Hill-Burton Act of 1948 provided federal monies to update hospitals JCAH which is now JCAHO was created in 1951. JCAHO is an independent accreditation agency for health care facilities (all types). Medicare and Medicaid were enacted by Congress in 1965

Privacy Act of 1974 - protect the privacy of information systems in federal health care facilities HCFA (now called CMS) was created in 1977
TEFRA in 1982 established the first Medicare prospective payment system EMTALA of 1985 protected patients against “dumping”
HIPAA was passed in 1996 with components on standardization, simplication, privacy, and security SCHIP was established in 1997 to provide health insurance to infants and children not covered under Medicaid

Notice all of the abbreviations used in chapter 1! The use of abbreviations and acronyms is very prevalent in the health care and HIM field.

Important Concepts in Chapter 1

Continuum of Care - primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care. Most of us are familiar with primary care, care sought by a patient with medical professionals for current problem or maintenance of a problem. Secondary care is seeing a specialist, dermatologist, neurologist, etc. for a problem, often referred by your primary care or family doctor. Tertiary care is often provided in specialty hospitals. This can include specialty radiograph (PET scan, MRI), burn treatment, cancer treatment centers, etc.

Health care facility ownership, there are three kinds of facility ownership in general; government, for profit, and...
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