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Examine how the strategic plan affects the health care organizations assets, resources, competencies, and financial decisions. Discuss how health care managers ?think strategically,? and how health care providers influence a health care organizations competitive Examine the strategies used by health care organizations to analyze external influences that shape the ongoing development of strategic plans. Discuss how technology is implemented to assess the health care market and improve positive health care outcomes for a diverse Discuss how a health care organization develops their mission statement, goals, vision, and values statement and how they affect the organizations strategic direction. Discuss the purpose of how the organization determines if/when changes are needed as they grow. How is that growth fostered regarding revenues and profitsExplore how health care organizations/managers monitor the strategic plan and how changes are made regarding financial performance drivers, clinical quality factors, and marketing both internally and externally Examine strategic financial management concepts, the effects of supply and demand on the health care organization and how managers use contemporary financing practices in conjunction with the strategic plan. Examine and compare strategic plans of various types of organizations as a means to understand the need for change and diversity

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