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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Public Health
PH 100
Study Guide - Exam 4

Chapter 14
At the moment of conception you become genetically male or female Age that fully mature sperm develop-about age 15
Define menarche: Puberty- Females
Aging women in their forties and fifties
Decline in reproductive hormone production
Define Menopause: the decline and eventual cessation of hormone production by the female reproductive system. Define gender identity: recognition of one's gender
Define androgynous: Androgyny- blending of both masculine and feminine qualities. Male gonads hang in a sac outside the body because the body cavity is too warm for proper sperm development Conception occurs in the fallopian tubes

Chapter 15
The human sexual response patterns-
Excitement stage- arousal stage
Plateau stage- leveling off of arousal immediately before climax Orgasm stage-neuromuscular tension is released
Resolution stage-return of the body to preexcitment stage Differences between men and women during sexual response patterns Women are multiorgasmic
Women reach orgasms as quickly as men during masturbation Define bisexuals:attracted to both genders
Define transexualism: a person who rejects his or her biological sexuality Celibacy is the self-imposed avoidance of all sexual intercourse Anal Intercourse
Greater danger of transmitting HIV than during penis-vaginal intercourse Can be performed by heterosexual couples and gay men
Define serial monogamy- a pattern of dating in which a person is involved in a series of exclusive relationships, one after the other. Chapter 16
Abortion is NOT considered contraception
Define use effectiveness of a contraceptive: measure of a contraceptive method's ability to prevent a pregnancy when used by the general public. Define coitus interruptus:sexual intercourse in which the penis is withdrawn before ejaculation The best time to have intercourse in order to...
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