Health, Safety and Environment (Ccb 2012) Universiti Teknologi Petronas Assignment 3

Topics: Safety engineering, Fault tree analysis, Reliability engineering Pages: 2 (262 words) Published: April 6, 2013


This is a Group Assignment based on the same group from Assignment 1 and 2. You are requested to identify one case study :

1. Write the back ground of the case study including from Industries in detail for example, if you are working in the lab, you must relate the activities (the equipment, chemical, exhaust fan etc.) with the people working in the area. * What are the potential sources of hazard

* Generate a complete scenario of detail hazard analysis using either fault tree analysis, event tree or HAZOP analysis to describe the scenario of the event.

2. Identify and assess the possible risk associated with the hazards * What are the consequences if an accident occurs?
* Suggest method of controlling the risk
* Recommend ONE solution to minimize the risk.

3. Conclusion

Your report must include the following format.

1. Title
2. summary
3. Introduction of case study
4. Develop risk scenario
5. Justification of the method used and must be supported with the weakness and advantages. 6. Procedure of the method
7. Draw the fault tree or event tree diagram. For HAZOP use table. 8. Identify and assess the possible risk associated with the hazards. 9. The consequences if an accident occurs
10. Suggest method of controlling the risk
11. Recommend ONE solution to minimize the risk
12. Conclusion

Content : 20-30 pages.

Submission to : AP Dr Mohamed Hasnain Isa (14-03-06)
(Office : ext 7346; E-mail: )
Due Date : TUESDAY, 16TH APRIL 2013, 12 noon
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