Health and Exercise Science Study Guide Chapters 1-3

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Test Review
Chapter 1
* Dynamic Field
* New disciplines of study (exercise science and sport) * Participants of all ages, genders, and abilities
* Central focus of physical activity
* Prevents disease and contributes to health throughout life * Continuing to change and progress
* Health Clubs
* On-site health programs within corporations
* Programs for all ages and skill levels
* Inactivity greatest among women, minorities, the economically and educationally disadvantaged * Physical education is an educational process that uses physical activity as a means to help individuals acquire skills, fitness, knowledge, and attitudes * Optimal development and well being

* Exercise Science is the scientific analysis of exercise/physical activity * Sports are highly organized, competitive physical activities governed by rules * Athletics are skillful participants of sports

* Fields of Study
* Field is a combination of a well-established discipline and one or more professions that deliver a social service * Profession is an occupation requiring specialized training in an intellectual field of study that is dedicated to the betterment of society * Organized

* Educational preparation
* Criteria for entry
* Formal associations
* Code of Ethics
* Recognition by society
* Dedication to helping others and serving people
* Sub-disciplines
* Exercise physiology is the study of effects of various physical demands, particularly exercise, on the structure and function of the body * Short term (acute) adaptations
* Long term (chronic) adaptations
* Sports Medicine deals with the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries * Athletic trainers design conditioning programs, assess injury, and provide treatment * Sport biomechanics applies the methods of physics and mechanics to the study of human motion and the motion of sport objects * Effects of various forces and laws on the body/sport objects * Analysis of movements

* Sport philosophy is the study of the nature of reality, the structure of knowledge in sport, ethical and moral questions, and the aesthetics of movement * Meaning of sport to participants

* Systematic reflection
* Ethics, morals, and values
* Sport history is the critical examination of the past, with a focus on events, people, and trends that influenced the development/direction of the field * Who, what, when, where, why, and how

* Sport exercise and psychology uses principles and scientific methods from psychology to study human behavior in sport * “Mental game”
* Skills and strategies that enhance performance
* Motor development studies the factors that influence the development of abilities essential to movement * Genetic and environmental factors
* Motor learning is the study of changes in motor behavior that are primarily the result of practice and experience * Stages of progress
* Beginner to highly skilled performer
* Sport sociology is the study of the role of sport in society, its impact on participants in sport, and the relationship between sport and other societal institutions * Influence of gender, race, and socioeconomic status on participation * Sport pedagogy is the study of teaching and learning in school and non-school settings * How an effective learning environment is provided, how learning goals are achieved, and the outcome of programs * Adapted physical activity is concerned with the preparation of teachers and sport leaders to provide programs and services for individuals with disabilities * Individualized educational plan (IEP) for students with disabilities...
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