Headgirl Application

Topics: Prefect, 2006 albums, English-language films Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Being a prefect for the last few months has been a really fantastic experience, getting to know 7Fi/7Kt and building a really good relationship with the class has been very interesting because I know it wasn’t long ago I was in their position therefore I realise how scary it can be at times for them. I find quite rewarding that they really do look up to me and that through building a trustworthy relationship some of them have come to me with different kinds of problem knowing that I’m here to help them and do whatever it takes to make situations better and I think it’s amazing because I didn’t think I would be as close to them as I am and I look forward to continue working with them. The role of the Head Girl to me is more than just being head/leader of the prefects. It’s being a role model to every single student in Plumstead manor school, having members of staff and senior management being able to rely on you, living up to many expectations and being able to carry out successfully various responsibilities. I believe I should be Head girl because I have a lot to bring to the school, despite the fact that in previous years I may not have been the most well behaved student with the best of grades, after failing once it made me realise that school is what is setting me up for the rest of my life and that if I want the world to take me seriously I have to start taking myself seriously. I now have a vision for my life and I am ready to work harder than ever to get where I want to be. Being Head girl will really motivate me to do better in my school and social life. Knowing that there’s people looking up to me and watching everything I do will help me to be more self-conscious. As a very well -known Student in Plumstead manor I believe I have a big influence on my peers and as head girl I will promise to make sure students voices are heard and not pushed to one side. I think being head girl will be a life changing experience for me because I...
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