Hdfs 240 Midterm 1

Topics: Gender, Transgender, Gender identity Pages: 11 (3381 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Study Guide for HDFS 240 winter 2013 Book
Chapter 1
1) Sex Education or Abstinence only?
a) More accurate and complete information better prepared to make responsible choices about behavior b) Teens missed important information due to abstinence-only education- resist engaging in sexual activity, wait until marriage, for sexual activity, intimacy, no need for education about contraception/how to prevent STI/ STD c) 2000-2008 conservative political climate supported this education and studies showed that inaccurate information and no decrease in teen sexual activity, unintended pregnancy, or the incidence of STI d) STI rates and unwanted pregnancies increased in schools. Teens failed to receive learning they needed in order to make responsible choices e) In recent evaluation of teen pregnancy researchers determined that the rate of pregnancy has been underestimated, looks at account of all tens, rather those who were at risk of pregnancy (actually sexually active) increased 40% 15 to 17 and 18 to 19. 300% and 50% higher f) Progressive climate in Washington DC in 2000’s created changes in sex education. g) Interpretation of the language of abstinence only law has been eased, allowed more balance and accurate information to be taught. h) Schools teach more comprehensive teaching about sexuality that stresses accurate information make responsible personal decisions 2) People know a lot about sex- Much of it is wrong!

i) What are your sources?- informal-friends, family, personal, experience Subject to error, miss information, falsehoods j) Early experience can be poor teacher awkward, embarrassing, painful expectations about sexual behavior incorrect k) Goal: Unlearn false ideasdifficult because many misconceptions reinforced through informal education. l) Decisions about behavior stem from faulty information 3) Sexuality & Culture: Sex education in China

m) No education on sex behavior/health pregnancy, STI, STD n) Not discussed at home
o) Education by United Nations, UNICEF and the China Family Association, and government approved first website “You and me” covers sexual issues, HIV, AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe abortion practices. Chinese able to talk to others about sexual matters p) World Health Organization’s Department of Reproductive Health Research established a program in Shanghai with 1,200 teens from ages 15 to 24 for 20 months, focused on contraception, STI education, prevention, and healthy sexual behaviors Participants engaged in less sexual behavior, likely to use condoms and contraception q) 700,000 Chinese are HIV positive

r) AIDS become leading infectious disease
s) 40% use condoms, but an add described them as indecent and banned t) Communication continues to block websites from other countries u) China is beginning to recognize health dangers in sexual activity v) 2004 Beijing put out condom machines

w) 2007 china hosted International Conference of Chinese Sexual Culture x) Earliest stage of educating its population China has begun to take small steps to positive direction 4) Parenting

y) Sex talk is a responsibility
z) Many hesitant to discuss sex talk with kids because they feel a lack of adequate knowledge or are unsure what to say when to say it {) You may or may not have learned about sex from parents, most people agree that parents are the most appropriate source of knowledge |) Studying human sexuality will help prepare you for parenthoodknowledge, resources, and degree of comfort you need to teach your children about sex }) Link between adults having accurate knowledge about sexuality and effective communication with parents and kids ~) King, Parisi, O’Dwyer 1993- compared parents who took human sexuality/ those not striking difference between groups. Parents...
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