Hdfs 145 Syllabus

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HDFS 145 - The Individual, Marriage, and the Family
Fall Semester, 2012
Instructor: Mrs. Joy Jacobs, CFCS, MAEd (“Mrs. J.”) E-mail address: jacobsj@msu.edu Please always use “HDFS 145" on the subject line when you e-mail. Office hours: Mrs. J. will be in the classroom one half hour before and will stay after class until all students are gone, or you may make an appointment with her. Go to this website: https://ntweb11.ais.msu.edu/aas/ Because of advising responsibilities, she is not available for walk-in appointments and she cannot take phone calls from students. She HATES playing “phone tag”, so please do not try to leave phone messages in her office! Undergraduate Learning Assistants who will be helping with this class: Abbey Feldpausch feldpa62@msu.edu Keeps track of students whose last names begin with A through K Carly Lesoski lesoskic@msu.edu Keeps track of students whose last names begin with L through Z Office hours: Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 PM in the Student Lounge, Room 4 Human Ecology Two Required Texts (bundled together if purchasing new): The Marriage and Family Experience (11th edition) by Bryan Strong, Christine DeVault, & Ted Cohen, Cengage Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, Publishers (Do NOT let a book store employee tell you that the 10th edition is OK. The reading assignments will not make sense if you have the 10th edition.) and FCE 145 Additional Readings supplemental text Custom Editor Steve Korb, Cengage Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, Publishers The study guide to the Strong & DeVault text is not recommended nor required, This class uses the ANGEL class management program. The syllabus, handouts, and some announcements will be posted on ANGEL, although some times you may will be contacted directly via e-mail. If you forward your MSU mail to another e-mail service, be certain that the transfer is working. You are responsible for knowing the content posted on ANGEL and e-mailed to your MSU e-mail address. Course Description: “The Individual, Marriage, and the Family” is one of several undergraduate courses offered in the area of family life by the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. In this class we use a developmental approach, presenting individual, marriage, and family life cycles with special emphasis on the late adolescent and early adult years. This is a survey course over topics regarding maturation, intimate relationships, and families. Issues to be covered include the development of the person, of relationships, and of families; issues of gender, sexuality, child development, and parenting; methods of communication; work and family interface; and developing family strengths. An emphasis is placed on understanding diverse family types. You will be expected to learn basic concepts related to families, to understand specific developmental issues of both individuals and families, and to gain a level of tolerance for different perspectives. You will be provided opportunities to explore your personal values. In addition, specific methods will be taught that you may use to enhance your own personal relationships. Course Format: This course will use a variety of teaching techniques including lecture, discussion, videotape, and in-class individual and group assignments which will play a role in challenging you to develop different ways of thinking about various issues and to appreciate the opinions of your classmates. If you want to do well in this class, you will read the assignments, and ESPECIALLY, you will attend class. This class is a collaborative process and necessitates a commitment from all of us to properly prepare for each class session. There are many important topics in the areas of marriage and the family, however, there is not sufficient time to include all of them. Subject matter and activities are selected in an effort to be meaningful to people of college age, and to enhance their personal development. Course Objectives: 1. To gain both historic perspective and an accurate...
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