Hci: Human and Computer Interaction

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Unit 2 Project
Part 1- Interaction Framework
Interaction is the communication between a user and some device or system. Frameworks provide a way to create what the interaction between the user and a device should be. It allows us to test and resolve any issues during this interaction process. Testing can be performed as whole and not just as individual components (Helm, 2008).

The execution/evaluation action cycle (EEAC) provides results from a user’s point of view of an interface. It consists of four part, goals, execution, world, and evaluation. Goal is the objective that the user is trying to achieve. Execution is the action being performed to achieve the goal that has been set. While world is where the goal is trying to be achieved in. The evaluation part takes the results from the execution and interprets them to see if the goal that was set was achieved.

The Abowd and Beale interaction framework (IF) includes the communication between the system and the user through the interface (Helm, 2008). It consists of four parts, system, user, input, and output. The user inputs into the interface, this is called an input language. The system then translates the language to one the system can understand, this is called core language. Once translated the system carries out the actions that the user has performed. The results are then translated to an output language that the user can interpret. The results of the action are then interpreted by the user to see if they achieved the result the user was looking for.

Each of these frameworks provide us the general understanding of the interaction between digital devices and there users. They identify the major components involved and allow for a well-rounded evaluation.

Part 2 - Device Assessment
For my device assessment, I have chosen the BlackBerry Bold 9930 smartphone. The primary function of this device is to be a cell phone combined with a computer: it provides the ability to surf the internet, send...
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