Harwood Notes- Father and Child

Topics: Life, The Fallen, Power Pages: 5 (1752 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Father and Child| * Formative experience * Opens with simple frank story- narrative used to inform her growth/development * Father is a link to the Violets= father missing out on pursuing authorities’ side as he is asleep * Story of chils in the process into adult life| I Barn Owl| * Kills birds= reflects relationship- reflects domestic world and lack of empowerment-recognize birds and flowering trees are when temporal life is reduced=importance of relationships- realization love/memory * Knowledge of death * Barn=old * Owl= father/knowledge * Narrative story| Daybreak: the household slept. I rose, blessed by the sun. A horny fiend, I crept out with my father's gun. Let him dream of a child obedient, angel-mind- | * “Daybreak”-Day starting of life, symbolize new beginning, symbolic meaning embodied * “Daybreak”- adult awareness and loss of innocence * “:” Elaborates- significant moment for memories as it leads to an epiphany and if a form of definition that suggests the crime she is about to commit is organized and is strategic, this also develops the concept of narrative growth and the development of an attitude * “The household slept”- scene set * Potential for good/evil * “The household slept”-scene is set and she takes over the power as is planned and she is confident and controlled and gains power for taking her fathers gun * Oppose/objects/resists and challenges boundaries of her father * “Blessed by the sun”-personification, religious singled out * “Let him dream of a child”- juxtaposition of power of child and imagining view of father- conflict between father and child challanged * Taking of fathers gun= step into adult life, male/female= patriarchal constructs- she wants to challenge the social constructs that suggest males have more power and she wants to deliberately take that power in an act to assert independence * “Rose”= thorns symbolize danger yet beauty * “Blessed by the sun”- Jesus resurrection- religious allusion and believes she is being singles out and is special- light blessed the child which is seen as significant and it demonstrates the child’s potential for good along with her potential for evil- link to the devil and Jesus= this is a contrast to the human condition= capacity for good and evil * “Fathers gun”-power- speaks of an innocence, however only by romance to humans has a negative, devilistic, uninnocent side * “Let him dream of a child obedient, angle minded-” * “Gun”- phallic symbol of power and male dominance. She is challenging the role of males and is taking on the role of a male (role reversal) and establishes her identity by the gun| old no-sayer, robbed of power by sleep. I knew my prize who swooped home at this hour with day-light riddled eyes to his place on a high beam in our old stables, to dream | * “Robbed of power by sleep”-that sleep is beginning thought alleging so overcoming to sex on person * Take responsibility * Naivety * “No-sayer”- labeling of nature and of authority of their relationship that the father and child share * Religious link-parable of practical son, explosion of eve=relationship of Adam and Eve * “I knew my prize”- premeditation- smug/patronizing tone and power= satisfied triumphed tone- whiteness of death- wanting to be independent= wanting to have and feel powerful but doesn’t have a motive * “Swooped home at this hour”- premeditated * “ Day-light”- compound word- nocturnal bird= disadvantaged illuminates actions/intentions vulnerable and enhances the cruelty of murder * “Swooped home at this hour”-signifies purpose/intent- onomatopoeia/normal verb- adds drama and a concept of realism to the moment allowing the bird to be seen as a life force/energy and in fact personifies the bird making the moment real for the audience * “Home” and “his place” and “our stables” concept of home continually referred to as challenging the owls purpose and his belongingness, juxtaposition of...
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