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University of Wollongong Author-Date (Harvard) Referencing Guide 2008

This guide was jointly produced by staff in the University Library, Learning Development and CEDIR The style has been adapted from the publication Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers 2002 (6th edition)

2nd Edition: Updated January 2011

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About this Guide
Accurate referencing is critical to quality academic writing and avoidance of plagiarism. To assist students to develop this important skill, the need for a nominated style – in the absence of an established discipline-specific style – was identified by the University's Academic Senate: That Academic Senate approve the proposal that the University adopt the Harvard Referencing System as the default referencing system to be used in the absence of documented Faculty/Discipline preferred referencing techniques, to be effective from 2004 Academic Senate 2003, Resolution 111/03, Minutes from 19/11/2003, UOW, Wollongong

As the Harvard Referencing System has many variations, the Library, Learning Development and CEDIR have collaborated to produce the UOW Author-Date (Harvard) Referencing Guide. The Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers (2002) was used as the basis for tailoring the Guide. Other reputable sources were consulted for consistency, particularly when dealing with resource types not addressed in the Style Manual. Reference entries for additional resource types were developed based upon those included in the Style Manual. It is still not possible to include all variations, particularly as new resources are constantly emerging. At times you will still need to adapt the existing reference type examples to create an appropriate equivalent. Feedback on the guide may be sent to http://uow.libanswers.com/

How to Use this Guide

Remember, the keys to good referencing are 1. Accuracy 2. Consistency – make sure you apply the same principles and conventions through the entire document 3. Verification – make sure there is enough information to help your reader locate the resource If the examples provided do not exactly match the elements of the resource you wish to reference: •

• • •

Look carefully at a similar reference type and use the Format of key elements, together with the examples provided, to construct entries intext and within the reference list If some of the key elements cannot be found, include as much detail as you can

Always check with your lecturer or tutor for clarification, as the accuracy of your referencing is part of the assessment of your work Refer to the Glossary for definitions of resource types, terms used and standard abbreviations

Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers 2002, 6th edn, John Wiley, Queensland. Learning Connection 2006, Referencing Using the Harvard Author-Date System, University of South Australia, accessed 23/6/2006, http://www.unisanet.unisa.edu.au/learningconnection/student/learningAdvisors/documents/harvardreferencing.pdf 2nd Edition: Updated January 2011

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Reference type ABS/Australian Bureau of Statistics Advertisement Annual Report Archival Material Example of in-text reference See See See Statistics Publication Ephemera: Advertisement Report Example of entry in reference list

Note: For referencing archival material, please see UOW Archives' Guide to Archives and Archival Collections McCaffrey’s thoughts suggest … (NWUA: McCaffrey; D92/5, Notebooks). Wollongong University Archives: Francis McCaffrey; D92, Francis McCaffrey Collection, 1865-1932; D92/5, Notebooks.


Format of key elements Artist’s family name, Initial(s) year of production, Title of Artwork, material, held at location of gallery, museum, etc. Painting Lysistrata 1 (Boyd 1971) illustrates a key image of … Photograph The presentation of Pompeii by Levin (1995) is a (Online) classic … Boyd, A 1971, Lysistrata 1, painting, held at Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. Levin, A 1995,...
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