Harlem Renaissance Research

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Harlem Renaissance Outline

I. Politics of the Harlem Renaissance
A. General political feelings
1. Strenuous feelings towards African Americans
a. Racism and discrimination legal
b. Blacks face anger and discrimination politically
2. African Americans in politics
a. Not allowed in public office
b. Barely allowed to govern own areas and towns, minimal power
B. The Politics of Harlem
1. Harlem viewed as safe haven
a. Black community
b. Residents free from oppressions of racism
2. African Americans want to govern themselves
a. Area of thought and new ideas
b. Racism shuts down ideas
C. Social Culture/ Ideals
1. Racism prevalent
a. Blacks faced with racism in all aspects of life, segregation
b. Oppressed by white people
2. African Americans come together
a. Migrate to northern cities
b. Blend ideas in Harlem
D. Political Activists
1. Marcus Garvey
a. Started Universal Negro Association
b. Activist for equal rights
c. Migration back to Africa ideal
2. W.E.B. Dubois
a. Opposite beliefs of Garvey
b. Favors integration, not separation
3. Booker T. Washington
a. Gains support from whites
b. Very important, loved by everyone who met him
II. Social Creativity
A. Art
1. Bold and stylized
2. Showed scenes of life
a. Sometimes showed poverty
b. Mostly showed happiness
B. Music
1. Jazz emerges from this period
2. Basis for all modern music
a. Pop
b. Rock and Roll
III. Harlem Renaissance Historical Background
A. Beginning of the Harlem Renaissance
1. The Great Migration occurs beginning in 1915 and ending in 1970 a. 6...
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