Hardees Executive Summary,

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Hardee’s has been in the business for at least 50 years and still maintain a strong position in the competitive market of fast food chain restaurant (Hardee’s Facebook page). Harde’s main mission is to build a strong customer relationship through providing premium products and creative ads to keep the customer engaged with the product. The company offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu using our preliminary research on our customer as the based for creating the products that the customers will like. This business involved with dealing with the competitors that are getting more creative on their menu (Advertising Age). Developing a Customer loyalty and finding the right product for the customer are some of the reasons why most fast food restaurants are busy with creating new menu. Today, a lot of company has tried to gain the benefit of using social media for their marketing purpose. In fact, people who become a fan of one company on Facebook often lead to a greater purchase intents and recommendations from other people (Socialmediatoday). Fortunately, Hardees’s has always been up to date with its customers on the social network, which become one of the competitive advantages in building a great customer relationship. A recent data shows that 40 % of Hardee’s business has to do with serving a breakfast menu (Petroff). This shows that this company can still be successful in their own unique way without necessarily following the standard rule of focusing on lunch and dinner products. Hardee’s product is considered to be very customer-driven as proven through some of the products that the company has successfully developed. Customers in one particular region might demand Hardee’s famous B-hole menu, while the other customers in other places might demand something else. As a result the creative team came up with a regional product that satisfies the customers within the specific region (Petroff). One important thing to understand here is that the...
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