Hanks Case Study

Topics: Management, Quality management, Quality assurance Pages: 4 (991 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Case Study: Hank Kolb
Key Findings
oThere is no proper product testing or evaluation system.
oNo study was done to know the effect of the design to the production process. oThe design is a possible hazard to safety.
Supply Chain Management
oSupplies were ordered in a rush, which means lack of scheduling in purchasing process. oPurchasers have accepted supplies with defects.
oPurchasers have no sense of urgency in dealing with defective supplies. •Quality Management
oThere are no specific methods, criteria, and policies that ensure quality production. oQuality is not prioritized in the company. They would rather reach their quota and earn their market share than produce quality goods. •Process and Equipment

oThe equipment being used was originally purchased for another product, and was just modified for the Greasex line. oOperations became slower the usual.
oManual venting process is not enough to ensure safety.
Human Resources
oThe operator had no formal training.
oManagement hired unqualified workers for a job.
oThere is a deeper underlying problem of settling for inadequacy and mediocrity. oWorkers have attitude problems towards their certain jobs. oNo coherence among the different areas or departments within the company. •Maintenance

oMaintenance of the equipment is not prioritized.
oThere is no definite or a regularly scheduled maintenance. oThere are no ready-made spare parts available; parts have to be sourced at a nearby machine shop only when needed.

Priority Rankings
The ranking is based on how the findings are interrelated with each other. This method seeks to know which particular problem causes most of the difficulties of the company in terms of production. Given this premise, the area that affects other areas the most, the one having the highest relationship value, is considered to be of greater priority.

Pareto Chart

Main Problem
The company lacks a concrete and clear...
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