Hacking in the Phillipines

Topics: Robot, Humanoid robot, Artificial intelligence Pages: 5 (1504 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The computer is a specialized machine. Currently, its specialization is computations, calculations, and other number crunching activities. Underlying word processors, browsers, and computer games are numbers. Efforts have been made to create intelligent computers, but such endeavors into artificial intelligence, or AI, have until recently only yielded computers with specialized capabilities. These expert systems are preprogrammed to do certain tasks under certain conditions

I’m aware about robot! When I was a child I’ll always watching Voltes V, Daimos including some movies like Star Wars, Terminator, and Transformer and so on that make made me aware about robot. Sometimes I will of that if that different kind of machines are really lived on our planet or if is it possible human have capable of creating that kind of robotic machines? I think my question have quite already answered when I heard about “robosapiens”. Its new word or unfamiliar word for me so that’s why, when I watch the movie that conducted by our professor about that topic in discovery channel, it will caught my attention and watch the movie properly. The movie was great and these following what I learned.

I learned in movie is about Robosapiens, it is robot technology with human features that developed by different scientist in different country. The first robot introduced is humanoid robot named ASIMO. I saw ASIMO has capable to walk and talk with the humans and ASIMO also have head, body, arms, and legs that looks like a human! And after that I think… and a question comes to my mind “what will be ASIMO after several years if that nerd scientist continue to developed it” I smile and continue watching. I can also see different kind of robosapiens that scientist give facial expressions, never comes to my mind that they will do it but they does. I said to myself that’s unbelievable…! Robot that looks like human!? Not exactly a perfect human face but these robots can react like human. Amazing! But I more amaze when I heard that they try to give emotions. I laugh with my classmate and said is that possible? We both amazed of what really robosapiens is.

One of interesting part watching this movie is the human can used a robot as a body parts. It caught my attention why? Because I remember Anime series “full metal Alchemist". In that series they called “Automail”. I more! More! Amaze because everything that imagined before it didn’t make me expect that it will be possible happen, that there are people who try to do or invented it, to fill their needs due to lacking parts of their body.

There some advantages that give Robosapiens to human example are we can use it as laborer and crime solutions in the future like Packbot. Packbot, second Robosapeins introduced coming from MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, is used for Military Surveillance. As I compared it in movie that I already watched it unusual for me, a robot controlled by computer and others using robot technology can controlled animals also.

It makes me think when I see a Rat controlled by computer. If you push button right, the Rat walk and turn to right side but if you push the button left it will walk and turn to left side and if you turn off the computer the Rat unconsciously turn to consciously. I fell a little bit of scared. Connecting robot technology to the brain or maybe in human? But its great job the scientist, who made this, is very nice and very smart. That kind of idea is unimaginable.

I discovered also that Robosapiens is not an ordinary robot technology but possible to be a smart robot that will think like human with facial expression that can react and obey verbal commands and most of all the next generation of intelligent robot and field guide to our mechanical future.

Additional information to me may be robots of one sort or another are slowly becoming part of the running of our planet. As I watched, scientist are sure it will not be long before...
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