Guide for Persuative Speech

Topics: Rhetoric, Audience, Persuasion Pages: 6 (1250 words) Published: April 2, 2012

1.abortion21. drunk driving
2.adoption of children22. hunger in America
3.cruelty to animals23. inflation
4.air pollution24. invasion of privacy
5.air safety25. juvenile felonies
6.death penalty26. legalization of drinking at 18
7.Alaskan pipeline27. prostitution
8.amnesty28. energy crisis
9.animal shelters29. euthanasia
10.apartheid30. reverse discrimination
11.death with dignity31. sex education theft32. taxes punishment33. gun control for elderly34. nuclear waste
15.child abuse35. ocean pollution
16.cloning36. oil drilling
17.corruption in public office37. organ transplants
18.cosmetic surgery38. unemployment
19.defense budget39. recycling
20.disarmament40. pornography


1. I deserve an A on this speech
2. Pete Rose is a Hall of Famer
3. Hooters is a family restaurant
4. David Archuleta should have won American Idol
5. Drink Milk
6. Maxie and Spinelli (General Hospital) belong together 7. Bring Back Crispy M&M’s
8. Change RCC’s priority registration

Please come up with a creative topic so I can add it to this list in the future!!!


Speeches to persuade seek to influence the beliefs and actions of listeners and therefore supply arguments and motivations for thinking or doing as the speaker suggests. You want to strongly support your arguments (main points or issues) with up-dated and relevant facts. Utilize as many types of supporting materials, specific instances, statistics, illustrations, comparisons, etc. to create a strong case. Present a clear picture of the problem and solution for your audience.

1.Choose a topic that is a problem that you can both persuade and propose a plan of action for your audience to carry out in response to your persuasive message. Try to pick a topic that would fit into a policy claim to help you best fit the assigned outline. 2.Time: 7-9 minutes (no longer, no shorter) 20 point deduction for every fraction of 30 seconds under or over time 3.Grading: 300 possible points (presentation-180, outline-75, audience and occasion analysis-30, and visual aids-15) 4.Presentation: Note cards with a key word outline may be brought up with you. You may write out introductions and conclusions as well as definitions and quotes. Things that need to be referred to in order to ensure accuracy. 5.Audience and Occasion Analysis: A complete analysis of your audience and occasion is required. This analysis should be done before you create your speech. It is to be typed and turned in with your speech outline to the instructor before your presentation. The purpose behind the audience and occasion analysis is for you to analyze and understand the people whom you are trying to persuade and motivate. By researching who your audience is, you will be able to create an appropriate persuasive speech which will hopefully meet their needs and cause them to act. 6.Outline: A complete sentence outline with a technical plot and works cited page is to be turned in to the instructor before you speak. The outline must be typed. 7.Supporting Materials: You are to utilize at least six different types of supporting materials from six different academic, print sources.

Reminder Checklist:
1.Topic Approved.
2.Audience and Occasion Analysis created before your speech. 3.A complete sentence outline that is typed with technical plot and bibliography. 4.At least one visual aid in speech.
5.Practice your speech……….a lot.
6.Ensure time requirements.

(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence)

I.Getting Attention- Have an attention getter, introduce your topic, and preview the main points of...
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