Guest Check Accountability

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Alec Sandra G. AlimFood and Beverage
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Guest Check Accountability
A Guest Check is a form used in a food services establishment to record the customer orders and is presented afterwards for payment; also called check

Accountability. Make your servers responsible for accounting all of their guest checks, at the end of the night, when they return these over to the manager duty. Rather than keeping a stack of guest checks for servers to pick up as they come on duty, have the manager on duty issue guest checks and keep a log of who issued what. Management can then spot check on random basis and make sure that the amounts and payment methods entered on the guest check match what the computer says.

Organize. You should always have control measure in place for you guest check. This helps prevent employees from giving away food and drinks. It should emphasize that all food that leaves the kitchen has to have a guest checks accompany it whether it is for a customer or an employee.

Guest Check Control – Track guest checks to ensure full accountability by servers. It allows for almost all situations – Split checks, discounts, tax exemption, coupons, promotions, tips, etc. Pre-check system ensures you charge for every item served – nothing is made without being posted to a check first.

Disadvantage. Even if you're using a computerized register, your servers may still be writing down orders by hand. If you're using a completely computerized system, you still have abbreviation in place for menu items. Make sure your servers memorize the abbreviation, and if they are writing them by hand for the cooks, make sure the orders are legible.

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