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COMM 217, Winter 2011

Annual Report Group Project

The purpose of this group project is to familiarize students with the contents of annual reports, especially the financial section of the report. The project consists of a series or questions that pertain to various topics that are covered in the course.

The class will be divided into a number of groups. Each group will consist of five members. You should start forming your group as soon as possible (see last page of this document). Tell your instructor if you have difficulty finding other people to form a five-person group. He/she will help you form your group.

Each group will be assigned, at random, a company to analyze. A maximum of four groups will be assigned to one of the companies from the following list:

Dorel Industries
Empire Company
Gildan Activewear
High Liner Foods
Lassonde Industries
Loblaw Companies

To find the company’s most recent annual report, access the company’s website using your favourite Internet search engine. Look for “Company Info”, “About Us” or “Investor Relations” on the main page, and search through until you see “Annual Reports”. Then choose the latest annual report issued by the company. Alternatively, you can access, which includes all the reports and documents filed by public companies and investment funds with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA).

After you access SEDAR, click on “English”, click on “Company Profiles”, click on the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the first letter of the company’s name, search for the company in the list of company names, click on the company’s name, scroll down the screen and click on “view” at the lower left corner of the screen. A long list of documents filed by the company appears on the screen. Scroll down until you see “Annual Report 2009”, or 2010 depending on which is the more recently completed fiscal year. Click on it to download the annual report.

The project’s requirements are listed below. They consist of a series of questions that you need to answer based on the information disclosed in the annual report of the company that your group has been assigned. The requirements are divided into two parts to help you complete the project in an orderly manner. The first set of questions relate to chapters 1 – 4 and 6 – 8. Your answers to these questions should be submitted to your instructor during class week 8 (February 28 – March 4). Your instructor will give you the precise deadline for your section. Your answers to the remaining questions must be submitted during class week 12 (March 28 – April 1). Again, your instructor will give you the precise deadline. Your submissions must be typed. Please include a cover page as suggested on page 8 of this document.


Important: For each answer indicate the page number(s) of the annual report where you found the information. Be sure to include with your first and second submissions a copy of the annual report sections that you used in answering the questions, and highlight the numbers and other information that you have used. Do not submit copies of the entire annual report unless you obtained a print copy from the company. Think about the environment before you print pages or documents you may not need. You can always refer to the company’s annual reports on its website or on SEDAR.

Where calculations are requested assume that they relate to the latest fiscal year only, unless otherwise stated.

The questions to be answered are grouped by Chapter for ease of reference. The marks allotted for each chapter are shown in brackets. Show your detailed calculations.



Chapter 1 (7 marks)
1.1Provide a brief description of the company, and...
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