Green Days by the River Test

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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English Literature Test
(Chapters 1-12)
1.Correctly match the character on the left to the corresponding character/situation on the right.
Mr. Gidhareeleader of the group of teenage boys
Shellinstantly made friends with Mrs. Lammy
Lennardhad asthma and was very sick
RosalieIndian who owned plantation land
Mrs. Gidhareeplump girl who was also a good dancer
Mr. Lammybelieved in God and prayed for Mr. Lammy
Joanrecently moved to Pierre Hill
Mrs. Lammypretty ‘dougla’ girl from the area

2. Answer each question below correctly by circling either T for True of F for False. a)Joan was from Sangre Grande.TF
b)Mr. Lammy was sick with tuberculosis.TF
c)Joe was madly in love with Rosalie and showed it.TF
d)Mr. Gidharee owned 6 big Tobago dogs.TF
e)Shell was sixteen years old.TF
f)Mrs. Gidharee was Indian.TF
g)Joe introduced Shell to Joan.TF
h)Shell was accustomed to drinking alcohol.TF
i)Shell first met Joan under the cashew treeTF
j)At the Discovery Fair both Shell and Lennard dressed to impress Rosalie.TF k)Shell was afraid to wash his face and hands in the river because of alligators.TF l)When his mother invited him to pray for his father, Shell refused.TF m)Mr. Lammy is taken to the Colonial Hospital in Port-of-Spain.TF n)Rosalie openly flirts with Shell by cashew tree, lifting her skirt above her knees.TF

3.Two instances occur in the first 12 chapters on the book where it is hinted to the reader that Mr. Gidharee is fearless and capable of violence.

a)Describe these two instances in the novel....
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