Green Consumer

Topics: Color, Environmentalism, Argumentative Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Dennis Hall-App
Professor Maki
WRI 102
23 September, 2012
Are we all “Green” consumers?
What is green? Well, it is a secondary color made from the yellow and blue and can be presented in different tints and shades. Green is also the color of the grass and the leaves on the trees you see every day when you go for a walk in the park. However, in today’s society green has a whole new meaning than just a color. “Going Green” means do whatever that can be done to help the earth become a cleaner and healthier planet for both humans and animals to live on. Because of this Jacquelyn Ottman wrote an article called “We are all green consumers”, anyhow, I do not believe she wrote a valid article. In the article the author used untrustworthy statistics, used a limited amount of sources, inaccurate groups, and got very stereotypical. Therefore, I strongly believe that Ottman’s article saying “We are all green consumers” is an unreliable source and invalid argument.

The very first thing that the author does in her article is separates society in to very specific groups. Examples of these groups are the Naturalites, Resource Conservers, and Animal Lovers. By doing this the author is saying that each group has “their [own] involvement in green values, activities, and purchas[es]” (Ottman 23). This means that every group only focuses on that area of going green and that is it. However, Ottman does not even mention the possibility of a person in one group wanted to help out in other group in any way shape of form. The author does not know that the Animal Lover might “love the outdoors…camping, skiing, or hiking” (Ottman 31). By not mentioning this it shows that she does not think about both sides of her argument which a good author does. This shows that it is not the best idea to say that we all fall in to one of these specific groups that Ottman has made up. Furthermore, the author uses statistics from a very limited sample group. If Ottman want to persuade...
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