Great Little Box Company: Analysis

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Great Little Box Company – Analysis

Problem Statement Idea Points
- The company’s original informal, simple structure has moved on to an organic structure has now outgrown itself. How does GLBC implement a structural revival and still retain and absorb customers in a market that is no longer suffering an economic down turn. How can this new structure be used against the competition in a global market

- How do we influence and delegate various levels of Authority and Legitimate power to employees to further organizational efficiency
- How do we implement different concepts of power type to our current and future organizational design?
- With the acquisition of new companies, interorganizational conflict will arise. Structural and personal factors lead to conflict in organizations. What key factors can we work on to heighten Emotional Intelligence?

- We can see that the company started as a small structure. The power was in the hands of Robert Meggie ” taking orders to making sales calls to running one of the machines and shipping out the completed orders.”
- Expert Power has been implemented through the hiring of a recently laid off salesperson from one of its largest companies (supply shipping first). The member of the organization “Upped our business 80 percent overnight” – and highlighted the importance of a strong sales force

- Eventually Meggie required the skills and expertise of another person (for sales and marketing) Meggie was then responsible only for administration and production (we can see a change into a slightly more divisional structure, based on the services) - * Administration * Production *Marketing *Sales

- The Six types of OD structures can fall under two comprehensive categories (Mechanistic and Organic) we can identify GLBC as being closer to the organic side. (No one company can be purely be from one side or the other)

- We can see that size is increasing for the company (Absorption of Parrot Label (label capabilities), Vanisle Packaging (P provider on Vancouver Island), and Action Box Company (Lead provider of protective packaging in BC). This also forwards the Formalization and Specialization of the company. This in turns decentralizes decision-making.

- The past economic downturn had the small, agile company cut into an edge in the market. However, the now growing expansion has the need for strategic leader ship that can facilitate access to the company’s capabilities and knowledge.

- We do not have any type of standardization information present for this company. We have nothing that points to identification of a standardization of company management. (Rules, Policies, Documentation)

- As the company is continuing to grow, centralization is also growing. This is demonstrated by the monthly meetings that Meggie administers. The information shared is a vehicle of empowerment for the people below him at the various locations.

- Meggie also meets with everyone twice a year in groups, to provide “a state of the nation” (Centralized Authority Structure)
- It is possible to assume that as the complexity of the structure increases, so does the political element of the strategic decision processes- As the company grows Meggie may be faces with a problem where he may have to balance efficiency orientation and the quality orientation of the organization.
Problem Analysis

- Information Technology and communication systems can lead to interworking with the company. These companies are less hierarchical and more engaged into external networking.
- This will deter a delay in decision-making, and increase the quality of the decisions being made. The right information is meeting with the right people. And no one is being overloaded with data.

- Coordinating plans...
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