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  • Published : December 14, 2011
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Vasso Skezas
ENGL 100 M17 Grammar Terms and Examples

Noun-A person, thing, or idea. Example: Dog

Subject-The part of a sentence that is who or what the sentence is about. Frank ran to the store.

Verb-An action. Frank ran to the store.

Predicate-The part of a sentence which modifies the subject. The dog is yellow.

Subordinating Conjuction-A word which connects an independent and a dependent clause. Example:Although

Coordinating Conjuction-A word which connects two independent clauses. For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

Simple Sentence-Contains a subject, a verb, and expresses a complete thought. The dog ate.

Compound Sentence-Contains two independent clauses connected by a coordinating conjunction. The dog ate yet he was still hungry.

Complex Sentence-Contains an independent clause and a dependent clause connected by a subordinating conjunction. The dog ate food which he enjoyed.

Compound-Complex Sentence-Contains more than one independent clause and at least one dependent clause, joined by both coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. The dog ate food which he enjoyed, yet he was still hungry. Prepositional Phrase-Contains a preposition(locator) and a noun. Example: At noon…

Topic Sentence-First sentence of a unified paragraph which signifies what the paragraph will be about. Unsafe food poses significant health hazards.

Unified Paragraph-Paragraph in which all the sentences refer back to the topic sentence. Unsafe food poses significant health hazards. For instance, mad cow disease causes the brain to break down. Raw cookie dough can cause salmonella.

Well Developed Paragraph-Contains a claim,...
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