Graf Zeppelin - the Zeppelin Design Study

Topics: Art Deco, Design, Streamline Moderne Pages: 3 (559 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Graf Zeppelin (1920 – 1930’s)
Machine age – in addition to design of buildings – we utilized it (machine and design) in products Tutankhamuns tomb discovered in 1920
Mezzo stylistic and mayan stylistics Egyptian influence
Orient express was built – stylistic influences
Three big influences eastern Africa or Egyptian, south east Asian, mezzo America (Aztecs and mayans) Designers worked with people to design products for market place Newly emerging profession called industrial design came about – designers were designing products for industry (for production) Downturn of the great depression that happened in early 1930 – whole economy was drowned – when we emerged new prodcuts were designed to be more emerging – 1. we are redesigning existing products (to improve them to sell them) (new products in an established market) and 2. desigigng new products – 3. and creating new products (inventing) new products for new markets He created the Zeppelin

The shape of the zeppelin influenced everything from a cigarette lighter Size and shape to allow for air flow
Based on the air flow a new term was coined called stream line – in English – sleek and aerodynamic (almost in movement even though it’s a static movement) Empire state building – steps back – bands of windows – spire – intended to moore zeppelins Reasons for spires – radio stations and moor-ing stations

Two documented photographs of zeppelins being moored by spires It started to influence the design of aircrafts – even the cowling – detail Idea behind this airship you see being translated into aircrafts The seating – streamline order

Helium – bursts
Highly polished surfaces

FUNCTIONAL streamlining – trains
Refers to design of an object when it can have an impact
Streamline – makes it more efficient to run
No need for them to be aerodynamic – but idea of them being aerodynamic We also saw this on vehicles
Curvilinear round vehicles
1922 – ley 26
1937 – laysalle (the room in france) curvilinear...
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