Grade 9 Electricity Notes

Topics: Electric charge, Static electricity, Electricity Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: January 14, 2013
A lightning rod is a metal pole with a wire attached to it that runs from a high point in the building and down to the ground. They are used to prevent damage to buildings. Grounding static charges can help prevent sparks near flammable fuels. Paint sprayers work better if the object and the paint have different charges. Photocopiers use electrostatic principles in their operation. Grounding wires prevent damage to electrical equipment.

Electrostatic precipitators work by creating charged waste particles and using electrostatic attraction to remove the particles. A simple way to prevent static build-up on a car is to use a ground strap Airplanes use static wicks to prevent it from being charged. They make the force of repulsion between charges become so strong around the sharp point that the charges will disperse into the air from that point. Smooth, round objects would hold unto the charge because they spread it evenly over the surface of the object. Static charges are built up when different types of insulators rub together. More charges build up in dry air, such as during winter, because dry air acts as an insulator. Moist air is a fair conductor, so fewer charges build up on humid days. If you remove clothes from the dryer before they are completely dry, there will be fewer charges on them. You can reduce the build-up of static charges by drying only the same types of materials at one time. People may add an antistatic dryer sheet to a clothes dryer. It adds a thin layer of waxy chemicals to the surface of clothes so there is less friction between the surfaces. Insulator-resists movement from electrons; conductors-allows electrons to move freely Vehicles pick up static charge when air rushes over it and creates friction. Electric kettles, wall sockets, electric pugs, electric toothbrushes, hair dryers need to use insulating materials to prevent the objects from electrocuting people. CANNOT create charge with a conductor, must be 2 insulators. Because...
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