Grade 11 Past Papers

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(a) What does the festival of Pentecost (Whitsun) celebrate? [1] (b) State three things that happened in the story of this festival. [3] (c) Explain the importance of this festival for Christians. [6]

(a) What is the Muslim place of worship called? [1]
(b) Name three features of this place of worship. [3]
(c) Explain the importance of this place of worship for Muslims. [6]

Section C
In this section, answer either Question 7 or Question 8.

7 (a) Describe the sacred books of Christianity and Islam. [12] (b) Explain the importance of these two sacred books to believers in the religion. [12] 8 (a) For Christianity and Islam , name a place of pilgrimage and briefly describe what pilgrims do there. [12]

(b) Explain the importance of pilgrimage to the believers of each of these two religions. [12]

Answer all parts of three of the questions.

1 ‘Going through a religious ceremony when you are born makes no difference to the rest of your life.’ (a) Describe the birth ceremonies of two of the religions which you have studied. [10] (b) Explain the importance which followers of these two religions attach to their birth ceremonies. [15]

2 ‘Religious leaders are unnecessary; ordinary people can do the job themselves.’ (a) What are the main rôles of religious leaders in the religions which you have studied? [10] (b) Explain why religious leaders are thought to be important in these religions. [15] 3 ‘Festivals are really an excuse for a party, not a religious event.’ (a) Describe a festival and the way in which it is celebrated in Christianity and Islam. [10] (b) Explain why festivals are a very important part of religious life for many Christians and Muslims. [15]

4 ‘People need to be together to worship; you cannot do it on your own.’

(a) Describe private and public worship in Christianity and Islam. [10] (b explain why public worship is important in Christianity and Islam . [15)

5 ‘Religions must change with the times.’

(a) Describe a situation in Christianity and Islam where some people have wanted to bring the religion up-to-date and others have not. [10]
(b) Explain the reasons which people might give to support this argument or disagree with it. [15]

Section A
In this section, answer all the questions.


(a) What is meant by the word ‘pilgrimage’? [1]
(b) Name three places of Christian pilgrimage. [3]
(c) Why is pilgrimage important for Christians? [6]


(a) What is the Arabic name for God? [1]
(b) Name three of the Five Pillars of Islam. [3]
(c) Explain how observing the Five Pillars might affect a Muslim’s life. [6]

Section B

In this section, answer all parts of two of the questions.


(a) Name and describe three Christian rites of passage. [12] (b) Show how two of these rites of passage reflect Christian beliefs. [12]


(a) Describe four important features of a mosque. [12]
(b) Explain why these features are important for Muslims. [12]

Section C
In this section, answer all parts of either Question 7 or Question 8.

7 (a) Describe the main parts of a weekly service of worship for Christians and Muslims. [12]

(b) For these religions, explain whether the home or a public place of worship is more important. [12]

8 (a) Describe one festival that is important for Christians and one that is important for Muslims. [12]
(b) Explain why these festivals are important for Christians and Muslims. [12]

Answer all parts of three of the questions.

1 ‘Marriage is a waste of time: people should just live together.’

(a) Describe the marriage ceremonies of muslims and Christians. [10] (b) Explain why these ceremonies are important for the people being married. [15]

2 ‘Funeral services are a great help to the people who are left behind.’

(a) Describe the funeral services of Islam.[10]
(b) Explain how these services might help and comfort the...
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