Gr. 11 Drama Review

Topics: Drama, Euripides, Dionysia Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: December 9, 2012
1) Tableaux- a series of frozen pictures, and when added together it tells a story. a) Choose a story to tell
b) Brake the story into parts
c) Assign a character to everyone
d) Must hold the Tableau for 5 seconds
e) At beginning and at the end hold the neutral position
Example: A person stabbing someone, the position of the hand, face victim scared, victim trying to get away.

2) The Greeks would not let any type of violence on the stage. All fighting shooting etc. had to happen off stage. If the character/actor were killed he would be wheeled on to the stage.

3) Because the dramas evolved from choral dances and chants, the chorus remained a strong presence in Greek tragedy throughout the Golden Age and beyond.

4) The addition of one actor, by Thespis was a major step forward , and was later followed by the addition of two more actors. This means that in most plays from the period, only three actors played all the major roles.

5) The piriaktoi had three sides, each painted with a different scenic element such as a tree or an architectural detail. The skene could be used to represent several different locales by placing painted panels between or in front of the columns of its façade or front wall. The eccyclema, a wheeled platform we’d call a wagon today. The reasons that this was made was because all violence must take place off stage, a messenger would then come out and explain the murder and would wheel in the eccyclema with a actor playing dead/wounded. A Deus ex machine (God from the machine) this was a crane-like machine by witch an actor playing the part of God would be riding in a basket that could be lowered by this machine.

6) Actors may have worn elevated shoes, tall headpieces, and large masks. All of these helped the actors to be seen in the back rows, ant the mask may have functioned as a miniature megaphone, helping to project the actors voice.

7) Greek plays were not very realistic, as the actors would say long...
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