Government Vocab

Topics: United States Congress, United States Constitution, United States Senate Pages: 4 (895 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Chapter 10, 11, and 12 Study Guide
1. Adjourn- suspend
2. Apportion- distribute, as in seats
3. At-large Election- election of an office holder by the voters of an entire governmental unit 4. Bicameral- two chamber
5. Census- process of counting the population of the United States. 6. Constituent- followers of an elected official.
7. Delegate- office holder
8. Gerrymandering- drawing of an electoral district lines to the advantage of a party or group 9. Off Year Election- Congressional election that occurs between presidential election years 10. Partisan- Lawmaker who owes his/her first allegiance to his/her political party 11. Politico- Lawmaker who attempts to balance the basic elements of the trustee 12. Reapportion- Redistribute

13. Session- Period of time during which congress assembles 14. Single member districts- Electoral district where one person is elected by the voters for each office 15. Special Session- Session called to deal with an emergency situation 16. Term- two year period during which congress meets

17. Trustee- Lawmaker whose vote is based on his/her conscious decision 18. Bankruptcy- The legal proceeding by which a person’s assets are distributed 19. Commerce Power- Exclusive power of congress

20. Copyright- The exclusive, legal rights to reproduce or distribute his/her works 21. Direct Tax- A tax that must be paid directly
22. Eminent Domain- Power to take private property
23. Expressed Powers- Spelled out powers
24. Impeach- to bring formal changes against a public official 25. Implied Powers- government powers that are expressed
26. Indirect Tax-a tax levied on one party
27. Inherent Powers- powers the constitution is presumed to have delegated to the national government because it is the government of a sovereign state within the world community 28. Legal Tender- any kind of money that a creditor must, by law, accept in payment for...
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