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Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Web search engine Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: September 11, 2012
describe the elements of the macroenvironment and competitive environment that currently impact Google.  Then describe elements that you anticipate will impact Google over the next several years.

1.)   Founded in 1998, the Google company has been extremely successful in a large diversification of products for the user and the web. Originally created as a search engine that "understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want." Now its products and services have grown to much more than that, but the philosophy remains.    The macroenvironment for Google has changed drastically, from the humble beginnings of an apartment and garage where they originally started. Currently the macroenvironment includes demographics, natural disaster, government regulation, and various countries economic health.  The macroenvironment can really be anything that has to deal with the external environment that the company cannot directly control.    Google is in an extremely competitive product and service environment. Their main competition includes other traditional search engines, social networks, forms of advertising, mobile applications, and providers of online products and services. While Google, competes with most the internet in general, the same elements I listed above will continue to be the competition in their future. 2.) The culture of Google is second to none. The empowerment given to their employees makes them an extremely close-knit group that are loyal to the company. They have an “open” culture that is often associated with startup businesses. This means that everyone that works there has a say in what goes on and that everyone’s voice is heard. This is such a crucial part of their culture because this allows for problems that arise in the organizations environment to be solved quickly and effectively while also staying up to date with all their competitors. 3.) Google has and always will have challenges from the external environment. This...
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