Google's Guidelines on How to Address Duplicate Content Issues

Topics: World Wide Web, Search engine optimization, URL redirection Pages: 4 (1098 words) Published: March 21, 2013
You might be wondering why your rankings dropped significantly in the past months, that no matter how you try to lift it up by using some of your extraordinary SEO expertise, this does not seem to pull your rankings back on top. You've tried to use some sophisticated tools to assess your website. But there seem to be no problems found at all. However, have you come to think about duplicate content issues? If not, then continue to read on to know what exactly are they, how to know whether your website has it, and the ways on how to fix them.

Duplicate content refers to two or more identical or very similar contents that appear on various places. If not deliberately copied from another website, non-malicious duplicate contents do happen without you being aware of it. This issue can affect your website rankings on search engines.

What aspects can be considered as Duplicate Content Issues?

Inorder for you to address duplicate issues on your website, if there is, you need to know first what are the aspects that cause duplicate content issues. There are several causes of duplicate content. Your lazy content writer can be considered as the prime contributor of this. But other than that, duplicate content issues can also be caused by certain technical stuff like the following:

Multiple URLs in the same site. This occurs when one identical version of the site exists on separate URLs instead of diverting to one canonical URL.


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