Goodnight Mr. Tom

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Goodnight Mr. Tom 

Mr. Tom: He is a bit gruff, but caring in the end. He is mostly a loner but opens his heart, when Willie arrives.

William Beech: Scared, abused child who comes to stay with Mr. Tom during the war and later finds out the true feeling of family. Afraid of the belt.

George: A friend of Will's at Little Weirwold.

Carrie: A friend of Willie, who is fiercely independent and later goes on to attend high school.

Zack: An outgoing, funloving boy who is also an evacuee from London staying with a Little Wierwold family. A loyal friend who helps William come out of his shell.

Ginnie: Carrie's sister.

Annie Hartridge: The beautiful and kind schoolteacher with violet blue eyes and a single long blonde braid. Has a baby, just after Willie starts in her class.

Mrs. Fletcher: Caretaker for Mr Tom's house.

Geoffrey: An artist living in Spooky Cott after his time at Dunkirk. Recognizes Willie's drawing talent and becomes his art mentor.

Emilia Thorne: William's second teacher. Later develops a relationship with Geoffrey.

Mrs. Clarence: A middle-aged woman living in Salmouth, who takes Mr Tom, Willie and Zach in for their holidays.

Dobbs: Mr. Tom's horse.

Rachel: Mr. Tom's wife who died shortly after childbirth. After her death, Mr. Tom shut himself away from anyone who reminded him about her.

Mrs. Black

Mr. Bush


Mrs. Miller

Mr. Peters


Trudy: Mrs. Beech's surprise baby. Later dies of mistreatment and malnutrition.

Charlie Rudd: A local warden of Deptford. Shows Mr Tom Willie's house and assists in the rescue.


Little Weirwold: The village Willie is evacuated to.

Deptford: Willie's home town. Mr. Oakley later travels there.

Wizzo: Expression akin to "Neato!" or "Great!"

Calloo Callay: Originally from Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwockey," Calloo Callay is an expression of joy and excitement.

Power of Love

Abused boy goes to live...
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