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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Unit 3 thought questions:
Name:  Sydney Havens
Date: 2/25/2012
When you are completely finished, send this assignment to your teacher.  
Understanding Addictive Behavior: Thought Questions
Complete a portfolio of your responses to the thought questions in the unit, and submit it to your instructor for grading.  
Substance Addiction
• What effect do you think the alcohol is having on Kelly's father in the scenario for this lesson?

• How could these effects allow him to think that it is helping him?

• How could it be making his mood and attitude worse?

• What characteristics exhibited by Kelly's father in the scenario indicate that he may be addicted to alcohol?

• Which characteristics in Dan's behavior, if any, indicate that he may have begun a pattern of alcohol addiction at the time of his death?

• Referring to the scenario at the beginning of this lesson, what steps might Kelly take to help her father recognize his problem and to avoid being an enabler?

• Who could she turn to for help?

• What types of past experiences may have misled Dan into believing that he could drive safely after drinking alcohol?

• Have you ever tried to convince a friend not to take the wheel after he/she had been drinking?

• How did he/she react?
• In your experience, do the trends indicated here reflect the true situation?

• Do you think that most students would answer these questions honestly if the survey questions allowed for their anonymity?

• If you think the facts are different than the graph indicates, do you think that drug use in these four areas is higher or lower?  
• How does this information apply to Dan's decision in the scenario to drink "a couple of six-packs" before deciding to drive?

• What advice might you give Kelly about alcohol use?

Behavioral Addiction

• In the...
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