Golden Rule of Gd

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Some golden rules to follow during the GD/PI
• In the time provided (if any) to think and organise, think critically, analyse thoroughly and then try to arrive on the conclusions. Irrelevant points and facts should be avoided instead stick to the point with objectivity. • It is really a good way to summarise the given subject and then raise the questions based upon the same. Sometimes it is also a good idea to generate the consensus how the discussion will happen and form rules. Like opener may ask permission of group that everyone will be given chance to speak once in line and then general discussion starts. • Always raise hand before speaking. Avoid false starts, do not present wrong data or facts or deviate from topic. • Do not get too emotional & maintain etiquettes. Oppos

e to the points raised by other member(s) by pointing issues rather than launching a personal attack on any of the members. • Quality of thought: You can score a point if you speak less but make a valid point that is acceptable to the group. Don’t cook facts “like I recently read in newspaper, as per my facts in book… etc.). Most important is to digest the fact given in the case and its analysis and interpretation. • Avoid giving a negative impression.

• Try to emerge as a leader as in, voice your opinion in a striking manner while at the same time listen to others carefully and also include their views in a diligent manner. Leadership quality is a must-have ingredient for GD. What to do/ remember during GD/PI

• Be assertive but in a polite manner with expression in voice. Be calm but not quiet. • Clarity in the thoughts must be there.
• Appear pleasant with the other participating members. If it is a PI then with the interviewer. • Be logical while answering or questioning anything.
What not to do/ to avoid during GD/PI
• One to one discussion or interactions with any of the members in the group instead make yourself involved with everyone present. • Pointing fingers, shouting or...
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