Goals and Objectives

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Q1;Relationship between Goals Objectives and Policies
Goals are ;
*broad plan
*having generic action
*goals are intangible in nature and cannot
be measurable
*they are long term
*the main aim of the goal is
toward which an endeavor is directed
*and it is based on ideas
In contrary to goals, objectives are;
*narrow plan
*specific actions are taken out to achieve objectives
*they are measureable and are tangible in
nature so that it is easy for the organization to check
out that they are going good or not
*they are short term in nature
*the efforts and actions are intended to attain or accomplish *they are based on facts
The main aim of the organization are known as goals which are long term and to achieve these goals objectives are made.Whereas policies are principles to guide decisions through which company achieve their objectives and though get their goals as well

In joy of chocolate;
The goal of the Suzy Campbell(the owner of the company) is to have her own bussiness of creating gourmet chocolates that would be enhanced with local produce such as heather honey,whisky and locally grown fruit she wanted the bussiness to become known for excellence and innovation produucts. The SMART objectives are;

Having her own bussiness
She got professional qualification ,experience of 6 months
Skilled in forward planning
It is realistic as there was a niche in market supplying a wider range of gourmet chocolates to bussiness customers and it is also time bound as well It follow the policies to penetrate this market firstly by targeted luxury restaurants and hotels with gourmet chocolates and secondly she approach organization offering to supply them with coporate gifts.

Q2;Difference between the formal and informal organization
Characteristics Formal Informal Organizatiion...
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