Goal Action Plan Template

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Goal Action Plan Template

Select a goal, and use this template to create an action plan for that goal. Then, post the action plan to the Week 2 Assignment 1 link on your student website at https://ecampus.phoenix.edu.

Goal Action Plan

Your goal action plan must include the following nine sections:

1.Goal: State the goal you hope to achieve.
To get my organized.

2.Type of goal: Determine if the goal is personal, professional, academic, health-related, or financial. Personal.

3.Purpose of goal: State what is being accomplished by achieving the goal. This is what you will learn or achieve by reaching the goal. Being more organized will help not only me but my family. Everything will have a place and or time, so all of us can work more efficiently

4.Major benefit to me: List what benefits you expect to receive after accomplishing the goal. Everthing will be organized, have a place, less clutter and mess around the house.

5.Benefit to others: List how your family, coworkers, or organization will benefit when you accomplish the goal. My family will run more efficient, as well as I think its good to start kids at a young and teach them the positive effects a little organization can have in life.

6.Barriers: Predict some barriers that may arise to prevent you from reaching your goal. Investigate financial, time, and personal constraints that hinder progress to goal achievement. Work, school, plus my problem with procrastination.

7.Solution: Strategize methods for overcoming barriers. Develop specific strategies for overcoming each barrier. Find time and use any available time to get it done, I know it won’t happen over night, and just do it don’t let procrastinating take my life over

8.Action milestones: Create a list of checkpoints, or smaller objectives, to aid in measuring progress toward accomplishing the goal. Clean out all the un-used items and donate, broken stuff needs to be through out or recycled....
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