Global Warming

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Paulina Reyes
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Prof Goodrich
Global Warming
In the article How We Can Stop Being Eco-Hypocrites Raina Kelley talks about five different things that we can individually do to help out our planet. The first example is by getting rid of trash. Kelley shows us how San Francisco is vowing to go waste free by 2020 by setting up a recycling program throughout their communities. A second way we can save our planet is by putting an end to driving. We produce a large amount of carbon dioxide by driving everyday and our economy is the second largest in carbon dioxide. We have the largest transportation system and by cutting down on driving we cut out an obese number of the carbon dioxide being produced. Third, we must watch the amount of water we waste in our everyday lives. Turning off the water when brushing our teeth is the first step but also the length of our showers and your sprinkler system “water supply is being drained faster than nature can replenish it. The fourth example Kelley listed was that we should push for cleaner skies. Now this statistic scared me, “a flight from New York to Denver a commercial jet generates from 840 to 1,660 pounds of carbon dioxide per passenger. That’s about what an SUV generates in a month.” (pg370) How many people does a plane fit? I couldn’t even begin to do the math. Kelley doesn’t believe we should stop flying all together but rather use bio jet fuel so it can reduce carbon pollution. Lastly we should buy less. We have so much stuff in our homes; do we really need it all? My Carbon Footprint: A Documentary, a Daughter, and All that is Dear was more of an emotional article for me to read. Not emotional were I was crying but emotional as it pulled on my heart and made me feel as well as think. This article talks about Jennifer Davidson and how the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore changed her perspective on the issue of global warming and what she changed. Davidson’s main focus throughout her column is...
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