Global Marketing Chapter 1 Notes

Topics: Marketing, Globalization, Anti-globalization movement Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Chapter 1
Global marketing refers to marketing activities that take place across national borders and outside of the firm’s home country Involvement in global marketing does not mean that a firm must sell its products in every country or region of the world Coordination and integration of marketing strategy with an emphasis on standardization are central tenet of GM Evolution of the concept

Domestic marketing – International sales are incidental to marketing strategy Multidomestic marketing – unique strategy for each country market Global marketing – Focus now on standardization and global segments Local marketing – Standardization but with a focus on the needs of local customers “Glocal Marketing” reflects the need for balance between global marketing, with a focus on standardization, and local marketing, with its focus on adaptation to country differences Globalization

Globalization refers to the increased integration of the world’s economies. Ongoing global technological innovation in marketing has direct effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of all business activities. Globalization reflects a business orientation based on the belief that the world is becoming more homogeneous and that distinctions between national markets are not only fading but, for some products, will eventually disappear. Forms of globalization: Globalization of markets vs. Globalization of production Drivers of Globalization

* Market factors – convergence of markets, diffusion of telecommunication & internet. Growing # of retailers are now showing great flexibility in their strategies for entering new geographic markets * Cost factors – avoiding cost inefficiencies and duplication of effort are two of the most powerful globalization drivers. Economies of scale refers to the reduction in per unit cost of production. Economies of scope refers to reduced cost per unit as the firm spreads its total costs over a large number of brands, product lines, or target markets....
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