Global Management Notes

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Chapter 1
-Increasing demand for knowledge workers with the skills to fully use technology -Wal-Mart: global leader of information technology innovation In 1983 Wal-Mart began to use bar codes and in 2005 they started using radio frequency identification tags because it was more efficient since they don’t have to scan physically Wal-Mart can reduce costs and can benefit and grow as a company because of technology * Ethical expectations for modern businesses

* Wal-Mart’s Mexico Bribery Scandal

Study question 1: What are the challenges of working in the new economy? * Careers
-Core workers, contract workers, and part- time workers
* a lot of jobs offer flexibility, for instance for some companies they let you work at home, or Google gives their employees a lot of freedom they let you dress however you like, give you your own room, massages, cafeterias etc

Organizations as open systems
An open system interacts with the external environment in a continual process of transforming resource inputs into product outputs in the form of finished goods and/or services. The environment supplies The organization createsThe environment consumes Resource inputs WorkProduct outputs

People activities turn resources into outputsFinished goods and/or services

Moneytransformation process
Customer and client feedback
Study Question 2: What are organizations like in the new workplace? * Organizational performance
-Performance effectiveness
- Output
-Performance efficiency
*How do companies measure productivity, by keeping track of output and input

Productivity and dimensions of organization performance
Effective but not efficient -Goals achieved-Resources wasted| Effective and efficient-Goals achieved -no wasted resourcesHigh productivity| Neirther effective nore effiecent-Goals not achieved -Resources wasted| Efficient but not effective -no wasted resources -Goals not achieved| High


* Manager:
-Someone who directly supports and helps activate the work efforts and performance accomplishments of other * High performing managers
-are well informed of their team’s needs
-Help their people perform to the best of their abilities

Typical BussinessBoard of Directors| | |
Chief executive OfficerPresident Vice President| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |

Robert Katz’s Essential Managerial Skills
Conceptual Skills- The ability to think analytically and achieve integrative problem solving Human skills- The ability to work well in cooperation with other persons Technical skills- The ability to apply expertise and perform a special task with proficiency

Study question 5: What is the management process and how do you learn magerical skills and competencies? * Competencies for managerial success:
-Critical thinking
A well-known business executive goes to jail for not revealing a personal financial interest in a project that will significantly benefit company profits. This executive’s action is an example of__________. 1. Dishonesty

2. Corporate social responsibility
3. Opportunistic behaviour
4. Violating managerial ethics **
5. Adhering to company policies

Chapter 13:
Information and Decision Making

How do companies store information?

Information management a generation ago
-Information was stored in filing cabinets not hard drives
-No desktop or PC, no word processing, no email, no voice mail,… *Wal-Mart uses a satellites system to send information to headquarters

In 1965, Gordon Moore, Intel’s co-founder, predicts that computer-processing power would double and its cost would drop by 50% about every two years Today, computer hardware and software are ant...
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