Global Information Systems

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Global Information System Strategy


Name: Wu Rong
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Table of Contents
2.1: Taobao current status6
2.1.1: Taobao infra structure6
2.1.2: Profit model9
2.2: Taobao business challenge10
2.2.1: Competitor challenge10
2.2.2: Internal challenge11
2.3: Business challenge analyzing13
2.3.1: Organization Analyzing13
2.3.2: Management analyzing17
2.3.3: Technology analyzing18
2.4: Summarize information systems requirements20
2.5: Summarize solution20
3.1: Importance of Crowdsourcing21
3.1.1: Crowdsourcing definition21
3.1.2: Crowdsourcing in Taobao21
3.1.3: Business opportunities and benefits from crowdsourcing22
3.1.4: Problems of crowdsourcing22
3.1.5: Future of crowdsourcing22
3.2: Strategy of crowdsourcing22
3.2.1: Reason why the organization should invest in crowdsourcing22
3.2.2: key area where crowdsourcing can impact in business23
3.2.3: The risks and how to be mitigated in crowdsourcing23
3.2.4: Requirements and measurement of crowdsourcing initiative23

Table of Figures
Figure 1-Taobao home page5
Figure 2-Infra structure7
Figure 3-Transaction process7
Figure 4-Searching & Browsing8
Figure 5-Selling connection8
Figure 6-Payment8
Figure 7-Receive and Feedback9
Figure 8-Taobao organization13

Table content
Table 1-Competitors10
Table 2-Operation department13
Table 3-Promotion department14
Table 4-Extension division14
Table 5-Customer service department15
Table 6-Technology department15
Table 7-Logistics department16
Table 8-Customer order commissioner16
Table 9-Picking commissioner16
Table 10-Taobao technology event19


Figure [ 1 ]-Taobao home page
This project selected a Chinese e- trade website , which is designed for online shopping for every normal person anytime. It is similar to eBay, but it was found in May 10, 2003 by Alibaba Group, which is late for around 3 years than eBay. Initially Taobao marketplace focuses on C2C (customer to customer) and B2C (business to customer), now it extended to Groupon, Retail sell, Vendue and so on. Especially in the C2C, Taobao provides the smaller platform for smaller businesses which include Chinese and Foreigners. The seller can sell the new or second used goods. Now Taobao is the E-commerce leader in China. Depends on the IResearch (it is a famous internet analytic organization), Taobao held over 80% E-commerce marketplace in China. Until the end of 2009, there are 170 million registered members and it is increasing now. The sum of business transaction is around 34 billion USD in 2009, and after one year, it changed to 67 billion in 2010. There are thousands of branding businesses and manufacturers which provide “one station” service for businessman and customers. At the same time, Taobao also provides the services such as cancel the orders in 7 days and return back the integral points for the customers. What is difference between Taobao and eBay is that members will feel easy to communicate in transaction using a trade manager software called “ Taobao wangwang”. After user registered, the name can be used both Taobao website and “Taobao wangwang”. When the costumer get in one online shop and the boss is also online at that time, the software will remind the customer to chat to boss. The customer also can review the chat history and the boss details in “Taobao wangwang”. Taobao sticks to “Open, Collaboration, Flourishing” and the integrity. Taobao provides more job opportunities, until 2009, almost1 million people get the job from the Taobao though opening one online shop directly, this facilitated the logistics, payment and marketing to make 2.28 million jobs indirectly.

B2C(business to...
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