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Monotheistic: Believing in one god – This was different from the other religions around them; it was one of the first monotheistic religions.

Torah: The most sacred text of the Hebrew bible, this is the five books – This is what Judaism was based off of. This created a foundation for the religion

Abraham: Is considered the father of the Israelite people – He was a big figure to the Jewish people; he was considered a father to all, Considered the first Jew.

Covenant: A binding agreement that god made with Abraham – This was that god gave Abraham the land of Canaan, but also told Abraham to be the father of multiple nations. Creating the religion.

Moses: Led the Jews out of bondage in Egypt – The Israelites had been in bondage for many years, and Moses had talked to god and led them out, where they reached Canaan,

David: The second kings of Israel – There were many tribes of Israel, but David had bound them together.

Solomon: David’s son, the third king of Israel – Solomon took that task of creating Jerusalem to be a impressive capital. He tried to influence the religion around Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Patriarchal: Man holds the greatest legal and moral authority – This created the oldest man in the house to have the say in everything. This caused arranged marriages and what not.

Sabbath: A holy day for rest and worship – This was a day for everyone to rest but also worship god, and remember their ethics and morals.

Prophets: Spiritual leaders that emerged to interpret God’s will – Jeremiah told people to obey god’s order to avoid disaster.

Ethics: A moral standard of behavior – This was caused people to choose Judaism. The ruler wasn’t god, the humans were, but they obeyed god.

Diaspora: The act of the Jews spreading out to other places – This was hugely significant to the spread of Judaism. By spreading this, Judaism was all over the world soon enough, and was brought with people to new...
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