Global Geography Project

Topics: Globalization, Culture, Economic globalization Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Global cultural has immensely changed many lives in developing countries. For instance, now Hollywood blockbusters typically get their first screening in China within a couple of days after the Americans premiere and kids in China can download singles topping charts from the Internet without having to go to a CD store. Enhanced cable gives Chinese viewers chances to see primetime American TV shows. Another example of globalization is the reduction of cultural barriers. For example, people can travel wherever they want over the world, they can take in different cultures from other countries. I think cultural globalization is a good thing but it does have some cons. Like some cultures are starting to disappear because of other culture dominating that one.

The article talks about how economic globalization has expanded the gap between North and South countries. According to some report published by USA, the number of developing countries that have benefited from economic globalization is smaller than 20. An example of this is Ford's Lyman car is designed in Germany, its gearing system produced in Korea, pump in USA, and engine in Australia. I think economic globalization has some problems to work out such as closing the gap between the north and south but over all it is a good idea.

The article talks about the pros and cons of political globalization. A pro of political globalization is that governments can absorb the experiences from other countries. For example, today, china has learnt open political psychology and democratic political conception from other countries. However cons of political globalization are some governments will distort correct...
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