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14 November 2011
Maximum Ride Part 1: summary

Maximum Ride or Max for short has many things to accomplish in order to survive. Max wants to be a good leader and take care of her flock after Jed their former guardian had gone missing. Max's flock is made up of six avian hybrids or in normal english half bird half human mutants. The people in the flock are Max who is fourteen, Fang who is also fourteen, Iggy who is fourteen too, Nudge who is eleven, The Gasman who is eight, and Angel who is six. Max's flock also has special powers they all can fly and have hawk like vision except for Iggy who went blind in an experiment at the school where the white coats wante him to have night vision but the experiment went wrong and he became blind. Well, the flock has more powers too, Angel can read minds, and the rest of the flock has the strength of a grown man. You might be wondering why kids are living on their own when they have parents to look after them. But the thing is that the flock was created by a group of mad scientists who worked at a place called School. At the school when the flock were still babies they injected avian (bird) genetics into them, that's how they can fly and see so well. Anyway the flock may be able to fly but there were caged at the school and the place was horrible; death would come as a blessing if you lived there. Also there were Erasers , Erasers were humans that could transform into wolves and attacked the flock. That's where Jeb came in , Jeb helped the flock escape from the school and took care of them leaving his son Ari who was three when he left but now is seven and was...
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