Ghrelin Case Study

Topics: Metabolism, Nutrition, Growth hormone Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The Hunger Pains: Weight Loss, and Maintenance
Part 1
1. Dear Sara,
Ghrelin is an interesting hormone. First of all, a hormone is a chemical released by a cell, a gland, or an organ in one part of the body that sends out messages that affect cells in other parts of the organism. Ghrelin is the appetite hormone, meaning its levels increase, inducing hunger, before meals and they decrease after meals. Ghrelin also functions as a ligand for growth hormone secretion. Evidence has also revealed many other physiological activities of ghrelin, including regulation of food intake and energy balance, as well as of lipid and glucose metabolism. From Mallory

2. Growth Hormone stimulates fat breakdown and prevents fat accumulation by preventing sugar uptake by fat cells. It also stimulates protein synthesis and prevents protein breakdown. This typically increases the body’s metabolism. 3. An anabolic process is one that requires energy, whereas a catabolic process is one that releases energy. Growth hormone is an anabolic hormone. Part 2

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2. The trend seems to be that not sleeping enough results in a higher DMI, and sleeping too much also results in a higher BMI. If someone sleeps for enough time (around 7.4 hours) their BMI will remain lower. 3. In Packet

4. Without knowing the result of the statistics done on the data, the two significantly different points were a BMI of 32.15 when sleeping for 6.1 hours, and a BMI of 31.05 when sleeping for 7.4 hours. I relied on the latter point to come to my conclusion. 5. If I were Mallory, I would suggest that Sara get more sleep, but not too much. The take-away message from this study is that getting a proper amount of sleep can reduce ones levels of ghrelin, and subsequently his or her weight. Part 3

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2. It seems that eating desert for breakfast steadily decreases ones weight until it is very low. Eating a low-calorie breakfast, on the other hand, decreases ones weight...
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