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1.)A mastodon was found in Lafayette after being in the ground for how long? A.)30-35 million
B.)30-35 billion
C.)100 thousand
D.)13.7 billion

2.)What is placing geological events in a sequential order as determined from their position in the geological record? A.)geologic time
B.)Relative dating
D.)tree-ring dating

3.)Which of the following methods can be used to demonstrate age equivalency of rock units? A.)Lateral tracing
B.)Radiometric Dating
C.)Guide fossils
D.)Position in sequence
E.)All of the above

1. The first form of horses had how many toes on each foot?
a. three
b. seven
c. four
d. five
2. Is evolution Darwin's theory?
a. yes
b. no
c. I wasn't paying attention
d. who cares
3. "Survival of the fiitest" was whose idea?
a. Sir Charles Lyell
b. Louis Agassiz
c. Charles Darwin
d. Robert T. Bakker
4. Darwin was a
a. math professor
b. famous cartoon character
c. singer
d. gradualist

1. Who is the author of a book that detailed the ideas of evolution and proposed a mechanism whereby evolution could take place? a) Gary Kinsland
b) Charles Robert Darwin
c) Alfred Russel Wallace
d) Michael Jackson
2.  Darwin and Wallace reading Malthus's essay came to the same conclusion and both presenting this conclusion to the Linnaean Society in London.  The conclusion is called a) natural selection
b) the big bang theory
c) genetics
d) all of the above
3. What is Jean Baptiste de Lemark's theory that new traits arise in organisms according to need somehow being passed onto their descendants? a) natural selection
b) artificial selection
c) inheritance of acquired characteristics
d) all of the above
1. fossils are mainly found in what aspect?
b. oceans
d. mountains
2.what was Charles Drawin known for?
a. His good looks
b. his ideas about life
c. the theory of evoloution
3.about how long ago was earth known to be formed?
a.200 thousand years ago million years ago
c. 4.6 billion years ago
d. no one really knows
1. Fossils are best preserved in the ____________.
     a. rocks
     b. ocean
     c. lava
     d. space
2. A single celled organism that grew and produced oxygen and its structures still remain.      a. stramatalites
     b. algae
     c. coral reef
     d. plants
3. Which species is the best geologic record of evolution?
     a. pig
     b. passenger pigeon
     c. whooping crane
     d. horse

1) What period does the Cenozoic era cover?

a) 65.5 Mya to present
b) 250 million years ago to about 65 million years ago
c) 542 to 251 million years ago
d) None of the above

2) What is something Charles Darwin is known for?

a) He created the theory of evolution
b) He gave us the idea that species evolved in order to better suit their environment c) A and B
d) None of the above

3) What kind of fossils are more informative

a) Big Fossils, because they catch our imagination
b) Microfossils, because they give us more details about the environment and the climate c) Fossils of small insects and plants
d) B and C

1. Fossils that are easily identified are geographically widespread, and existed for a rather short interval of geologic time are particularly useful? A. fossils
B. historical fossils
C. guide fossils
D. new fossils
E. old fossils

2. Fundamental Principles of Relative Dating include all of the following except:
A. Principle of the earth’s make-up
B. Principle of superposition
C. Principle of cross-cutting relationships
D. Principle of lateral continuity
E. Principle of original horizontality
3. It is the decay rate of _________ that geologists measure to determine the absolute ages of the rocks.
A. atoms
B. unstable isotopes
C. elements
D. fossils
E. rocks

1. The              illustrates the interactions between Earth's internal and external processes and how the three rock...
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